The good and bad

People support both sides of immigration laws; I can’t really say I have an opinion that goes one way. I have understood both sides of the issue, and I do think that both sides have valuable facts that support their claims.  I do think that many people choose a side before they try to see the other.

               On the closed border laws, I see crime rates do increase with immigration. With open border laws we may be letting people in who broke laws in their country. We have shown that we lost control of our southwest borders. As much as 2.2 million kilograms of cocaine and 11.6 million kilograms of marijuana were smuggled into the United States across the Mexican border in 2005. The majority of illegal immigrants are not directly associated with the drug trade. The DEA states that their presence allows Mexican traffickers to effectively conceal their activities. With so many people coming into the United States; our population is rising, and it is harder for people to find jobs, having illegal immigrants here doesn’t help our own economic problems

               The pro-immigration side has good points also. Mexican people many times are trying to get away from the crime that has control of their country.  With the downfall of two Columbian cartels, Medellin and Cali, two powerful Mexican drug cartels, Sinaloa and the Gulf, are battling over the billion dollar drug trade between Mexico and the United States. If you had to worry about your child being taken and used in drug cartels, you would want better for them. All parents want their children to have a better life than they did, even if they had a successful and comfortable life. You have to see things through other’s eyes; they can take a chance at coming here and giving their child a safe place to live, but risk being caught and sent back, or stay there and risk being killed during the drug war.  We want to show the countries that look up to us that we should accept other cultures.

               I think that both sides have strong points and I understand where both sides think their ideas should be used, so I can’t really say that I have an opinion that says I believe one or the other.

Penso que los mexicanos no mal.Creo que los estadonidenses quierer la mejor por los Estados Unidos.Los mexicanos y los estadonidenses deben acuerdo.Penso que  los representante deber discuten el problema.Creo que los dos lados esta correcto con ellos vision.La gente deben actuan bien.


The Melting Pot

We’ve all heard the term melting pot, and over time America has come to be known as one. We have become known to accept different cultures, beliefs, and different people in general. In the United States we have about 306000000 people that’s the third highest population in the world! Our global migrant population is around 215.764. The percentage of our population that is foreign-born has been growing form 10% in 1995 to 15% in 2009. The multicultural nature that the United States has is important to us being successful because it is what makes us strong, and unique from other countries.
Most Hispanic’s in the America are educated, or want to become educated. In 2010 31.6% of foreign-born Latinos ages five and up reported speaking only English, or speaking it very well. Of Latinos 25 and older 62.2% have a bachelor’s degree according to a study made by the Immigration Policy Center.             The world’s total population is approximately 6.8 billion, the current United States population represents a mere 4.5% of the world’s population so about one in every twenty people on the planet is a resident of the United States of America. Of those 306000000 people only about 16.3%, or 49878000 would be Hispanic and an even smaller number would be Mexican.
Over and over again the United States has welcomed people other countries wouldn’t. Accepting new ways of life, languages and people is what makes the United States of America, the United States of America.  A reporter named Huong Le once compared us to a deck of cards saying. “The United States us like a deck of playing cards. No matter the sex, suit or ranks of each cards are, all are significant in its own way. Without one card the deck would be incomplete. America, similar to the deck, is insignificant without diversities. Diversity is what makes the United States complete. “United we stand divided we fall.” Without diversity, the United States will be at its downfall.”  This statement explains the importance of diversity in America, even the reporter looks to have an ethnic background. The United States needs diversity to strive, and to continue being successful.

Acepte los Mexicanos.  Ayude la gente crean una vida major. Hable con la gente de Mexico. No deporte le gente. No argumente con los estadounidenses. No cree mas problemas.

by Huong Le

Created on: September 23, 2007   Last Updated: September 24, 2007
The United States is like a deck of playing cards. No matter what the sex, suits, or ranks of each card are, all are significant in its own way. Without one card, the deck becomes incomplete. America, similar to a deck, is insignificant without diversities. Diversity is what make the United States complete. “United we stand divided we fall.” Without diversity, the United States will be at its downfall.

America has no diversities, it will be just an ordinary country like many others. Being versatile and diverse is what makes us unique and strong. By accepting different backgrounds and cultures into our daily American lifestyle, American have learn to accept that no matter who we are, or what we do, we are all human and should be treated as equals

f America has no diversities, it will be just an ordinary country like many others. Being versatile and diverse is what makes us unique and strong. By accepting different backgrounds and cultures into our daily American lifestyle, American have learn to accept that no matter who we are, or what we do, we are all human and should be treated as equals
When people to different countries, they will never hear people ask “what is your ethnicity?” among themselves. However, in the United States, That is a common saying. Why? It is because the United States is like a mini version of the world. It contains over 100 different ethnic groups. Due to that, this country has become stronger than any other country. By living with so many different backgrounds, people in the United States have learned to cope with each other and therefore create a strong bond between themselves. That is probably why so many people have dreamed to come to America, the free country. A country who will accept anyone for who they are not what their backgrounds are.
From the beginning of the history of America, this country has been all about diversity; accepting people from all over the world. Without the various cultures and backgrounds, the United States would not be such an important country like it is today. Basically, all the critical events that impacted this nation greatly have been mostly surrounded by diversity: the civil rights movement, Chinese immigration laws, women suffrage movements, etc. However we dealt with these events in the past, we have accepted all of them into our daily lives. Due to diversity, this nation has become a great threat to other countries. We have shown that different is good and by being different, we are strong and cannot be easily pushed over.
Diversity is what brings people from all over the world together to the United States. Without diversity, we wouldn’t have historical figures like Albert Einstein, Louis Armstrong, Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Kwan, and many others. Every country is different in its own way, the United States is, however extra different. Due to so many different race living in the country, the United have not just become an ordinary country, it have become an extraordinary country. When there is hardship to overcome, everybody, no matter what nationality they are, come together and help out because together, we are a great nation and no one can conquer it.
To sum it up, diversity is what makes the United States. This country of ours would be nothing compare to the other countries. Due to our ability to accept different ethnicities and be equal, we become very intimidating to other countries, and that shows how strong we are and no matter what obstacles are ahead of us, we can overcome it.

Cons on Open Border Laws

Crime, drugs, and gangs, what is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of these things? I bet you don’t think that immigration has any connection to the crime rates, but according to the 1970s and 1980s saw crime rates rise along with immigration levels. Loose border laws lead to increased crime rates such as drugs, and gangs.
Drugs have caused numerous amount of problems in the United States , and around the world. The DEA says that in 2010 there were 30,922 arrests, just in the United States! According to the PEW research group, Hispanics make up 40 percent of federal prison population, but only contributed 13 percent of the country population. California’s prison system’s illegal immigrant population is 13 percent. This 13 percent is about 20,864 people, at $44,563 per prisoner per year, this cost the taxpayers $1 billion per year! Another 7.7 billion is payed by taxpayers to educate illegal immigrant, and 1.4 billion on health care, so using them for cheap labor, really isn’t so cheap when you look at it this way.
Another reason we should have more selective border laws is that Many Hispanic immigrants are involved in gangs. National Gang says law enforcement agencies report that a greater percentage of Hispanic/ Latino, and African-American/Black gang members compared with other ethnicities. The most recent statistics provided by law enforcement, are that 50 percent Hispanic/Latino gang members, 32 percent African-American/Black gang members, 10 percent Caucasian gang members, and 8 percent other race/ethnicity. In all types of areas from big cities to rural counties Hispanic, and African-American dominate documented gang members.
Having more strict border laws will conclude in lower crime rates, in areas such as drugs and gangs. According to a staff report of the House Committee on Homeland Security “Not all illegal aliens are crossing into the United States to find work. Law enforcement officials indicate that there are individuals coming across the border who are forced to leave their home countries and seeking refuge in the United States.” Our open border laws are opening doors not only to immigrants wanting to come for better opportunities, but also higher crime rates, more drugs, and more populated, and powerful gangs.

Los estaouidenses tienen que crear leyes mas estrictos. Hay que discutir con todo los representante. Los leyes tienen que estar justo. Hay que pensar con los Mexicanos. Hay que hablar a el gobierno. Los Mexicanos tienen que seguir las leyes.




  • Maricopa County, Ariz.: 22 percent of felons are illegal aliens;
  • Lake County, Ill.: 19 percent of jail inmates are illegal aliens;
  • Collier County, Fla.: 20 to 22 percent of jail inmates and arrestees are illegal aliens;
  • Weld County, Colo.: 12.8 to 15.2 percent of those jailed are illegal aliens.