Mutuality with Immigration

Blog 3 by : Sam Wilson

There are many opposing sides when it comes to immigration. Some people think it’s wrong, some people think that immigration brings more benefits than negatives, I, for the other hand have seen both sides and  am indifferent on the issue for many reasons.

I have seen both benefits and negatives to the community because of immigration. New immigrants have always had a dynamic relationship with the United States society. There have been many crimes that have been committed by immigrants such as the case with Cornelio Rivera Zamites who molested and strangled 4 year old Esmeralda Nava.  Many illegal immigrants are considered criminals by anti-immigration groups. The pro- immigration groups argue that anti-immigration groups are only focused on events like 9-11-2001 and immigrants shouldn’t be considered criminals because crimes are realities of our society. They state that immigrants are no more prone to criminal activity than citizens.

There are just as many benefits as there are problems with the economy due to immigration. The costs of immigration with all the indirect costs every year ends up around $200 billion dollars of U.S. currency. It is estimated that 6-8 million dollars is given to Mexico each year. According to them we are helping another country unknowingly. Pro- immigration groups argue that although immigration costs a lot we earn back twice that amount by having immigrants.

Open immigration and closed immigration both have negatives and positives. Open immigration helps immigrants start a new life. The United States also gets a more diverse workforce. In some instances, it makes a more skilled work force. Open immigration would start to over populate the United States. It also creates a less stable economy. Closed immigration helps keep a more stable economy. Closed immigration doesn’t allow people to make their lives better. Closed immigration is also very difficult to enforce. It also has the gate community effect; where you need a certain amount of people in an area to function properly.

As you can see, there are many positives and negatives for immigration. On the con side there’s many crimes commited by immigrants, it’s expensive, and it helps over populate our nation. One the pro side immigration gives people a new start, it benefits the community, and it makes a better work force. My mutuality within the topic allows me to see both sides of immigration. With the information I have collected, I hope you see the reasoning on my mutuality of this subject.

Tu Debes dicutir el conflicto en la immigracion. Tu Debes respetas el conflicto. Tu Crees que el argumento no es muy bien. Tu  no crees que el conflicto es bien. Tu  piensas que la policia tienen respeto. Tu piensas que la gente no deber luchar.



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