Immigration is something that can be bad and sometimes good for our country. The bad part is that people are coming illegally and that can hurt economies.  But there are also good things like a multicultural community. Immigration can also affect the country’s economy both positively and negatively. It can effect it by not bring in money to buy passports, green cards, or the correct papers to become a US citizen. But it also brings in more money in federal taxes than in the papers or green card. So immigrations can be good because it can bring in money to the country and it lets people restart their lives.

     Yet the illegal immigrants are over populating the countries that they are immigrating to.  By illegally immigrating they can hurt their countries economy. If they do it won’t just affect their countries it can affect the country that they are goings to economy some times for the worse.  Even if the world’s types of economy structures mix to become a stronger economy if one fails, more than likely all will fail at one point or another. If the economy brake down most of the people will be in distress because they have to start over again.

     Even though immigration can be good it can have a bad chain reaction linked to it that can affect most people with money and families. So if most people get affected by the economy that means if to many people leave or to many people come it can affect the economy and there is not enough workers or not enough jobs it will end up being negative to everyone apart of it. Also the illegal immigrants can bring in more federal taxes but they also have the government lose taxes in some other places like in passports and green cards.

       So illegal immigrants can be literally on both sides of the fence of good and bad like with taxes and dodging the border patrol. The negatives were fewer taxes on stuff like pass ports and green cards, and stuff like the economy and jobs. When illegal immigrants immigrate they would hurt two countries economy’s the one there are emigrating from and the one they are immigrating to. Also even though more federal taxes less legal immigrants, more taxes for pass ports and green cards more legal immigrants. Either way there will be a down fall of taxes and more people.


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