Ryans post for immagration

immigration is something that can be good and sometimes bad for our country. The bad part is that people are coming illegally but there are also good things like a multicultural community. Immigration can also affect the country’s economy both positively and negatively. It can effect it by not bring in money to buy passports, green cards, or the correct papers to become a US citizen. But it also brings in more money in federal taxes than in the papers or green card. So immigrations can be good because it can bring in money to the country and it lets people restart their lives.

Within the many countries there are many organizations that are pro-immigration. Plus there is the Dream act that was made in 2009 (no not the MLKJ speech I HAVE A DREAM) that makes it easier for people to immigrate to the USA.  Also the immigration of other people can help us know what’s happening in other countries. Also it can make it to where countries can learn how other countries economies are set up. That will let other countries improve their economies. Then people in their countries won’t need to illegally immigrate to another country. Then if no one illegally immigrated then everyone will be not ok but on their way of life.


But yet if illegal immigration was stopped we would stop getting those extra federal taxes. If those people getting taxed all of a sudden disappeared so would the taxes and the economy would be hurt. Also the Dream act was looked over for two years and now in 2012 they are trying to get it back up for congress to look at and sign. If that happens there may be less of a struggle to stop illegal immigration and have them come in legally.


If the immigrants legally immigrated then there would be less money but it would even out in other taxes. Then when we got more money then we can take another step towards no country debt. If that happens then we can start fixing the economy as much as we can. If that happens then the country can focus on helping other countries and that can help with world peace and the fights can start to end around the world.


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